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Phase I

We are unrivaled in our ability to run successful studies at the early stages of a product’s lifecycle.

Phase I clinical studies have never been more important. This phase of development is a vital strategic step in providing important early insights and shaping a drug’s future clinical development.

The pressure on biopharmaceutical companies to discover and develop new blockbuster drugs means Phase I studies must be conducted quickly and efficiently to expedite crucial “go/no-go” decisions. To achieve this, you need a collaborative strategic partner with the agility, creativity and knowledge to implement a truly insightful Phase I program.

Our Approach

At INC Research, we like to do things differently. Our Phase I teams can follow your protocol to the letter, or, if you’d like us to, we can use our extensive experience to do so much more. We analyze your needs and develop innovative solutions based on ground-breaking science.
With passion for scientific integrity and a relentless quest for accuracy, there is no one better to get on board with from the start. Our Phase I scientists relish the opportunity to invent new and ingenious solutions to bring you the results you need, on time and within budget.

You’ll find we understand your goals and develop innovative, tailor-made approaches to streamline your study and make it more cost-effective.

For more information on INC Research’s Phase I clinical capabilities, click here.