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Phase II-III

In the competitive and fast-moving world of clinical development, you need a CRO partner that will focus on delivering efficiencies and consistent value.

Whether it’s a large, complex global Phase III study or a smaller, regional Phase II trial, INC Research has the unrivaled experience, therapeutic expertise and global capabilities to ensure successful partnerships.

We know how time sensitive later stage studies can be, which is why our Phase II-III teams focus on efficient delivery to meet your critical milestones. Our approach is based on anticipating needs and communicating effectively to drive innovation and accelerate productivity, making us not just a helping hand – but also a "helping brain."

INC Research’s global footprint offers you more than just global reach. In addition to on-the-ground knowledge and understanding in any geography, we provide access to important patient populations.

When you partner with INC Research, you'll find a great meeting of minds to help ensure your study is completed on time and on budget.

For more information on INC Research’s Phase II-III clinical capabilities, click here.