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The INC Research Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is designed to provide a guideline to ensure all employees conduct business in a legal and ethical manner. INC Research is committed to integrity and ethical business practices with the intent to deter wrongdoing and to meet or exceed legal and industry-related requirements and standards. The standards set forth in this Code reflect the Company's core values:
  • We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of conduct, accepting personal and professional responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • We encourage innovative ideas and solutions, and results-oriented action through high performance teams.
  • We value, respect and support each individual team member's role in achieving our customer and corporate objectives and provide recognition for superior performance.
  • We expect all team members to be good stewards of the Company's resources.
We have developed a reporting system to facilitate the communication of information relating to perceived violations of this Code. INC Research employees are encouraged to report perceived Code of Ethics violations to their line manager or other appropriate personnel, but they or any parties or individuals who feel a violation has occurred may use the toll-free hotline 866-875-1569, or the webform to outline their concerns. INC Research employees are expected to report any activity they believe in good faith violates the Code of Ethics, and will not suffer any consequences or retaliation as a result of such reports. All reported information will be reviewed carefully, given due consideration, and investigated thoroughly as needed.

Submit Ethics Report

Date of alleged violation (if ongoing, please indicate the date that you first became aware of the violation):
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Over what period of time did the alleged violation occur?
Is the issue ongoing?  Yes No
Please describe the alleged violation in as much detail as practicable to assist with an appropriate investigation, including how you learned of the incident or issue; why you perceive that it violates INC Research's Code of Ethics; and the names and contact information of any involved parties:
Have you reported the alleged violation to any other parties or agencies? If so, please describe, and outline any known action that has already been taken:
Please describe any supporting documentation. If the documents are internal to INC Research, please outline the location of the file(s):
Optional contact information:
You may also submit documents by emailing them as an attachment to, or mailing hard copies to: INC Research - Legal Department 3201 Beechleaf Court, Suite 600, Raleigh, NC, 27604.

Your report will be distributed to INC Research's General Counsel for review. The General Counsel, or designee, will carefully consider the information contained in the report and decide what action, if any, is warranted. If you choose to submit contact information, you will be notified of the outcome of any investigation. This report and the information it contains will remain confidential, unless otherwise compelled by law, and your anonymity will be protected to the extent legally practicable.

INC Research, LLC reserves the right to interpret and amend this report at any time.

2014 INC Research, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction or transmission to others apart from the parties involved with this document in any form or by any means is not permitted without the prior written consent of INC Research, LLC.