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INC Research is the global CRO to successfully manage your worldwide clinical trials.

Our worldwide presence includes locations all over North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and the Asia Pacific Rim, enabling our teams to provide comprehensive clinical research support for your global drug development programs - anywhere you need it.

We are a global CRO with worldwide clinical trials teams that are deployed regionally to support your global drug development programs. The combination of our therapeutic expertise, our Trusted Process and global footprint makes us the right choice no matter where your global drug development programs are in the world.

We offer a full range of clinical research services to support broad worldwide clinical trial strategies, such as multi-country, emerging markets, dual-hemisphere or niche North American conditions. Our extensive regional knowledge provides access to comprehensive databases of sites and patients with local language support. Our multifunctional global regulatory expertise helps guide strategies to meet product development, Phase I - Phase IV clinical trials, product approval and post-marketing objectives.

Click here for a list of contacts in countries where we offer global CRO operations for worldwide clinical trials.

Our Trusted Process - Built for Global CRO
With our locally based teams, we are able to ensure that our Trusted Process maintains high standards throughout your worldwide clinical trials. The INC Research Trusted Process is a series of phases that proactively leads sponsors through their drug development programs with repeatable and measurable methodology. As a result, we minimize trial risk factors and trial variability, yet maintain the flexibility to customize Phase I - Phase IV clinical trials.

Contact Information

Neil Ferguson
Executive Vice President, Global Business Development
+1 919 876 9300 

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