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The Trusted Process

Clinical Trials Outsourcing for your Drug Development Programs

With INC Research as your clinical trial CRO partner, you can TRUST that your drug development programs will deliver dependable outcomes and actionable results, on time and within your budget.

That’s the power of our Trusted Process, a proven, metrics-driven clinical trial outsourcing methodology created and perfected only by INC Research.

Our Trusted Process enables us to provide reduced variability, yet maintain the flexibility to customize your Phase I - Phase IV clinical trial to fit your needs. As measured by our Trusted Process, our customers experience: 
  • Average study start-up time four weeks faster than industry average*
  • Patient enrollment completed as planned
  • Database lock one week faster than industry average*

Clinical Trial CRO Partner

At the foundation of our Process is longstanding therapeutic expertise across indications of the central nervous system (CNS), as well as cardiovascular, endocrinology, immunology, infectious diseases, oncology, respiratory and women’s health. When combined with our global operations across six continents, INC Research is clearly a leading clinical trial outsourcing partner for your Phase I - Phase IV drug development needs.
We develop a strategy for success that begins with an inherent understanding of your needs as soon as we receive your request for proposal. When the contract is signed, time sensitive start-up activities have already begun. 
A facilitated kick-off meeting and QuickStart camp take place after project award, which is attended by your team and all INC Research project team managers. This oft-overlooked but crucial component to your project’s success ensures collaboration on project goals and clarity on individual responsibilities.
ProgramAccelerate moves the project into high gear. Momentum builds with patient recruitment, patient monitoring, and the active involvement of all team members. We continually examine trial and data progress and maintain frequent, clear communication with you.
QualityFinish represents the pinnacle of the Process, occurring as soon as the first enrolled patient completes the trial and the research team has its first finished file. Our QualityFinish camp is where the team determines what is needed to collect all data in the most meaningful way for collaboration with the biostatistics team.

As your clinical trial CRO partner, we will guide your drug development programs through our proven Trusted Process to produce Trusted Results. The advantages of our flexibility without variability methodology will maximize your investment in clinical trial outsourcing.
*Based on reported benchmarks from CMR International Institute for Regulatory Science

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