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Therapeutic Clinical Trial Expertise

Clinical Trials Services to Support Global Phase I - Phase IV Studies

INC Research specializes in providing clinical trials services to support global Phase I - Phase IV studies, and we offer deep therapeutic clinical trial expertise across a wide variety of indications, as well as for special populations, such as women and pediatrics.

Whether your trial is a single-dose, placebo-controlled therapeutic clinical trial, a more complicated adaptive trial, or even a surgical or device trial, INC Research tailors its clinical trials services to meet your needs. Using our proven Trusted Process, we can provide total program development, deliver discrete services for any part of a trial, or even rescue failing trials, with therapeutic clinical trial expertise in multiple areas.

Review our therapeutic clinical trial expertise across a wide variety of indications:

– Specialized recruitment strategies and safety monitoring for large cardiovascular outcomes trials, as well as strategic expertise in rapid market access through niche indications like homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia

Central Nervous System (CNS) – Hands-on expertise for pain, neurology and psychiatry indications

Endocrinology – Covering the spectrum from diabetes and obesity to rare genetic metabolic and growth disorders

Gastroenterology – A dedicated team with a deep understanding of the broad digestive disorders spectrum and close relationships with gastroenterologists, physicians, investigators and Key Opinion Leaders across the globe

Immunology – Experience with a broad base of immune-based therapies has enabled the development of an extensive global network of experienced sites and strong clinical research teams

Infectious Diseases – Global health and regulatory expertise to navigate the ever-changing landscape of anti-bacterials, anti-virals, anti-fungals, vaccines and drugs to fight bioterrorism

Oncology – Multidisciplinary teams, endpoint and protocol strategies, expertise in patient recruitment and care, and an understanding of the many moving pieces and changing paradigms of cancer treatment

Pain – Experience using a wide variety of models to minimize placebo effects and maximize the chance for success

Pediatrics – An understanding that children – from neonates to adolescents – are not just little adults, and an ability to manage the challenging ethics, logistics and regulatory hurdles for pediatric drug development

Psychiatry – Connections to academic and private practice expert investigators and an understanding of how to manage the many external factors that can effect outcomes

Respiratory – Experience in asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, respiratory infections, lung cancer, pulmonary arterial hypertension and smoking cessation

Women's Health – An appreciation of gender differences not only as they affect disease incidence, but in ways that can enhance recruitment and retention of female patients

Our expertise can make a significant difference in successful protocol design and actionable trial data. With our therapeutic clinical trial experience and the depth of our clinical trials services, INC Research is the leading therapeutic CRO in Phase I - Phase IV trials.

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