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AVOS Consulting

Experts in the changing business of healthcare

AVOS Consulting will help you maximize the potential of your business and portfolio. Our independent perspectives are founded on your high level goals and consider both your current issues and your longer-term planning cycles. By doing this, we align your company with the changing dynamics of healthcare, pinpointing opportunities and optimizing pipelines. And as a division of a global, full-service CRO, we have access to a range of enhanced capabilities and can guide the operational implementation of the strategies we develop throughout your products’ lifecycles.

A unique structure for robust decision-making

Because our senior-level executives maintain an objective oversight of the detailed analyses conducted by our dedicated consulting research teams, we generate advice that enables you to benefit from holistic and robust industry perspectives. Through our ability to identify macro trends and variations in the pace of global harmonization, we keep you one step ahead of our industry’s shifting landscape. Our areas of service focus include:
  • Understanding the impact of healthcare industry trends
    Our industry is in a state of constant flux. And, given ever-increasing complexity and competition, the ability to understand and constantly re-evaluate how industry changes could impact your business is vital. We help prepare you to identify pre-consensus opportunities and make better-informed decisions to optimize your company’s performance.
  • Maximizing value with lateral product lifecycle thinking
    As a biopharma-focused consultancy, we understand clinical development and commercialization as a whole and advise on every stage of the product lifecycle. From assessing the implications of healthcare system changes, to supporting resource allocation decisions, to ensuring your market access approach demonstrates “real life” value and engages payer stakeholders, our advice will maximize your assets’ value.
  • Facilitating development and funding models
    We can assess your product portfolio based on your capital and capacity constraints. By doing so, we’ll be able to advise both on development decisions and funding options (including external capital) that generate the most appropriate risk-return profile for your business.