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Strategic Advisory Services

Insight, not hindsight, for better decisions

With more products in the pipeline than there is capital to develop them, obtaining independent insights to facilitate smart product, portfolio and business decisions is crucial. That’s why our Strategic Advisory Services consulting unit will work closely with you, employing ahead-of-consensus perspectives, rigorous analytics and a full breadth of industry-specific expertise to generate strategies that ensure you act on insight, not hindsight.

Your industry is our industry

The complex, changing dynamics of modern healthcare make it imperative to capitalize on insights based on both full product lifecycle experience and an extensive geographic footprint. As a division of INC Research (a global, full-service CRO), our Strategic Advisory Services consulting unit is ideally placed to generate comprehensive advice that’s both fully integrated with every stage of clinical development and capitalizes on local perspectives based on our experience worldwide. And because we’re part of a full-service CRO, we offer an efficient transition from advice to action.

Explore INC Research Strategic Advisory Services

AVOS Consulting >   Regulatory Consulting >
Discover how to maximize your business and portfolio’s success by implementing recommendations generated through our independent perspectives, rigorous analytics and efficient decision support frameworks.   Find out how our therapeutic experience, product lifecycle expertise and regulatory agency relationships combine to help us craft creative regulatory strategies that accelerate product progression.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Compliance Consulting >
Learn how we can help you streamline your QA processes to drive cost and time efficiencies, while reducing fixed costs and ensuring global QA consistency.