What is our Strategic Alliance Group?

The Group is a customer relationship management team within INC that was established in 2010. We recognize the absolute importance of driving efficiency, and streamlining process and quality across the substantial product and program portfolio of each and every partnership, and therefore established a group to lead these critical relationships.

What does the Group do?

We are an independent group of seasoned industry executives who work with our key customers and INC stakeholders to build and deliver customized solutions to drive value and optimize delivery of our strategic partnerships. The team play an important role as a bridge between our customers and our different therapeutic and functional business units as we work on a customer portfolio, helping keep all of the stakeholders informed throughout the process and aware of the complete customer picture.

How does our Strategic Alliance Group set INC Research apart from other CROs?

Our differentiation comes from our agility as a company. We’re a very flat organization that’s low on bureaucracy. We empower our people to make timely decisions. We give that freedom to our strategic alliance management team. They work in partnership with senior personnel in our therapeutic and functional units, to build bespoke solutions for our customers. 

Our solutions are adapted to each of our customers’ needs. We create a focused, optimized, fit-for-purpose model based on their specific requirements. In addition, we go to great lengths to build a tailored relationship framework. We listen to what they want and from there we build from a contractual, financial, structural and process perspective and, using all of our best practices, create something that is going to work for that customer. 

We have significant experience in building fit-for-purpose governance models, tailoring KPIs and metrics to the needs of that customer, and designing a partnership structure that fits the operating needs and culture of that customer. Every customer partnership looks a little bit different, so while we start from the same building blocks from our alliance management toolkit, the actual partnership construct will look different and tailored for each customer.   

Another differentiator is that we also have strong engagement from an executive level in those partnerships. We have learned from experience that key executive-level engagement and visible support from both partners is fundamental to the success of that partnership. 

We believe that our experience in this space enables us to evolve those partnerships successfully, as the work and customer portfolio evolves over time. We have several alliances that have been in existence for 3-5 years, and we continue to see growth, development and evolution of those alliances. 

We are global members of the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP), which is an organization specializing in the delivery of partnerships working across multiple industries, including finance, IT and pharma. Judy Swilley, PhD, Executive Vice President and General Manager, and Head of Alliance Management at INC, is a member on the advisory board for ASAP, enabling INC Research to make many diverse connections in this space. Additionally, ASAP have a certification for alliance professionals and all of our managers are expected to obtain this qualification. 

Our experience, agility and process-driven approach mean we are ideally positioned to be your strategic partner of choice.