We are dedicated to ensuring our customers obtain the quality clinical research data they need to get medical treatments to patients sooner, through meeting or exceeding enrollment goals and reducing costs. Underpinning this, it’s essential investigative sites are happy with their working relationships. We achieve this through automation of investigator site payment processes, industry-leading transparency reporting capabilities and integrated data management and site contracting. Removing “pain points” related to investigator payments for clinical trials, we have expanded our Functional Service Provider (FSP) services to include our new Investigator Payment offering.

Identifying sites’ key pain points

In December 2015, INC Research launched, with SCRS (the Society for Clinical Research Sites), the first global SAG (site advocacy group) focused solely on streamlining and improving the payment process for clinical trial sites – otherwise known as the Investigator Payment (IP) SAG.


Through this forum, open and direct feedback from sites on their key pain points was gathered. We discovered that the top three pain points of sites, in terms of payments, were (i) Communication, (ii) Information and (iii) Payment terms and contractual issues. Then we set about creating solutions.

Creating solutions

How INC Research remove pain points relating to investigator payments for clinical trials:

  • A dedicated, single point-of-contact at the CRO or sponsor to handle financial matters, removing the burden from CRAs
  • Communicating a payment escalation process at the beginning of a study
  • Ensuring Sites receive monthly payments
  • Making the payment process simple, fast, transparent and efficient through our online tool, incConnect
  • Top line, simultaneous notification of payments received and pending for speedier and more efficient reconciliation
  • Reducing number of invoices Sites are required to generate; removing holdback clauses

Simplifying and streamlining payment reporting

We use the Medidata Payments Cloud - the only global site payment technology driven by an integrated Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). Medidata Payments automates the clinical site payment workflow, processing high volumes of invoices and complex payment requests quickly and accurately. In fact, current cycle time metrics show that payments through this solution are approximately 70% faster than through non-integrated technology.

Local expertise, global scalability

We handle high payment value and volume – in excess of $31m disbursed monthly to sites and around 10,000 active payees. We manage investigator payments in 78 countries in 38 currencies, through eastern Europe (including Russia & Ukraine,) Latin America and Asia-Pacific (including Japan, China, and S. Korea) and have significant experience in, and knowledge of, country-specific tax regulations. We have the capability to quickly set up new countries and currencies and flexible payment initiation, from the US, UK, India and/or through local countries.

For more information about our clinical trial Investigator Payments solutions, please contact us at info@incresearch.com.

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