Establishing strong relationships with clinical research sites is our priority. It’s our business to understand how sites work. Because when we understand the issues you’re facing, we can be a better partner to you. That’s why we’ve been voted “Top CRO to Work With” among top 10 global CROs in the 2013, 2015 and 2017 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Survey. In fact, we’re the only CRO to be ranked in the top three CROs to work with in every CenterWatch survey conducted since they began in 2007.

Understanding your needs

By working together, we create better solutions. That’s why we’ve launched our innovative Catalyst Program aimed at streamlining every aspect of the clinical development process and supporting the development of new methodologies.  By harnessing your expertise, and developing the next era of clinical research together, we believe we can create a more sustainable solution and bring medicines to patients faster.  

We value your contribution to clinical research.

We’re also investing in your success by partnering with the Society of Clinical Research Sites (SCRS). Through our Circle of Innovation Sponsorship, we’ve funded more than 500 Site Scholarships to give sites access to the mentorship, training and advocacy this global organisation provides. In conjunction with the SCRS, we’ve launched a series of Site Advocacy Groups to gain your input. It may be removing non-core procedures from the protocol, employing more efficient payment processes, or simply understanding what information you need and when. In addition, we are working closely with the SCRS in a number of industry work streams to improve processes across the board.

Through our unique Clinical Research Site Award program, we recognize the enormous contribution you make to the world of clinical research. Almost 200 sites in over 37 countries have been honoured since the program launched. 

i am a catalyst for change

At INC Research, we are always looking for ways to be a better partner to our clinical research sites, improving their experience as we work together to optimize the delivery of clinical research for biopharmaceutical customers worldwide. 

To this end, our Catalyst program is designed to enhance our level of collaboration with clinical research sites globally, driving increased efficiencies and continuous improvement into the research process, and ultimately supporting faster start-up and enhanced predictability in the delivery of clinical trials. That’s how we’ll get medicines to market more efficiently and to the people who need them, sooner.

The INC Research Catalyst program

INC Research has a longstanding commitment to building strong site relationships, as evidenced by our recognition as “Top CRO to work with” among top 10 global CROs in the 2017 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey. Our Catalyst program takes our commitment to sites one step further through the INC Research Catalyst Site Network and broader Catalyst Community. The objective of the program is to increase predictability and, by harnessing input and insights from sites across the globe, drive continuous improvement and develop best practice and new methodologies in the delivery of clinical research.

Our Catalyst Site Network

The INC Research Catalyst Site Network is a select group of high-performing sites from across the globe, strategically aligned to both our business and that of our customers. The network is therapeutically aligned, and includes a variety of sites: individual practices, academic centers of excellence and site networks.

Sites in the INC Catalyst Site Network support faster start-up and efficient delivery on a larger number of studies while providing a framework for development of enhanced methodologies that will promote further gains in clinical research and site sustainability. INC Catalyst Sites have the opportunity to participate in an increased volume of clinical trials, to shape new methodologies and to experience improved communication across INC Research studies via a dedicated relationship manager.

Connecting through our Catalyst Community

At INC Research, we want to connect with you as part of our Catalyst Community! Our Catalyst Community is an online forum representing a broader range of sites. The purpose of the community, which is open to all sites, is to support ongoing communication on the conduct of clinical trials, wider adoption of new methodologies and the sharing of best practice.

The Catalyst Community provides your site a voice in the initiatives borne out of our Catalyst Site Network. Members of the Catalyst Community will also benefit from the wider perspective and exchange of knowledge with other member sites that share our passion for clinical development. The latest interactive and collaborative technologies will be incorporated to create an ongoing dialogue that keeps you connected and sharing your voice, regardless of where you are in the world. Becoming part of the INC Catalyst Community is easy: to express your interest, please fill out the form below.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, register here.