When it comes to Project Management at INC Research, everything we do is underpinned by our unique Trusted Process®. It’s our way of clearly mapping out exactly what needs to happen at every stage of clinical trial development. Because when everyone is aligned, efficiency is maximized, and our sponsors are invariably delighted with our delivery.

A streamlined and consistent approach

It’s vital that your project is managed by people who all work in a unified manner and are pulling in the same direction towards shared goals. That’s why we use best-in-class technology to support our delivery by enabling the project management team to pay close attention to the project’s milestones and performance while proactively managing quality, risks and issues. Having this information centralized across the project keeps everyone informed in real time, and on the same track.

Constantly learning, constantly improving

Our Trusted Process® is well established but at the same time it’s always evolving, as are we. Every clinical trial we work on teaches us something new, and shows us something we can improve. Our quest to refine our processes stems from a relentless passion to find new ways to be more effective and efficient in everything we do, in order to provide you with a seamless service.


At INC Research, we recognize that every single one of our team is responsible for the quality of every single activity they’re involved in. Whether it’s the CRA, project specialist, data programmer, safety case manager, the project manager… whatever their role, all of our people are focused on monitoring quality in their work and are on the alert for potential risks and issues that might impede them or the project. We all see it as our personal responsibility, and we take that very seriously. It’s fair to say, our “Can Do, I Own It” ethos runs deep across all areas of the company and drives our culture, as well as our collective attitude and behavior.

Workforce quality accreditation

It’s people who deliver projects. That’s why we’re investing in the development of ours. We are working with IAOCR - the independent accrediting organization for the international clinical research industry - to obtain gold level accreditation of our approach to the development of our Project Management personnel.


Our focus is on ensuring our capabilities are of the highest standard right across the board, and aligned with both the clinical research industry and the project management profession.

Our goal is to be a company that is easy to do business with. In project management terms, we seek to do this by having therapeutically focused high performance teams, led by world-class project managers and leaders.