As the landscape for developing hematology-oncology treatments grows ever-more complex and competitive, your choice of CRO partner is vital to your study’s success. With INC Research, you can rely on our depth of experience to ensure that your hematology clinical studies are in safe hands.

Read how our highly experienced team can help your hematology clinical studies succeed.

Dedicated Hematology-Oncology Team

A deep understanding of the therapy area is essential when there are so many different malignancies involved. From leukemia, lymphoma or multiple myeloma, through chronic versus acute disease, to B-cell or T-cell malignancies and a host of rare indications, our Hematology-Oncology experts have the experience to help you succeed.

We have a team of dedicated global staff at all levels, from executive and project management to medical staff, through to CRAs who are experienced in, and focused on, the conduct of hematology-oncology studies. We understand recruitment challenges and have cultivated relationships with the key investigators in the field who can reach the right patients with the right treatment options at the right time.

We’ve also worked extensively with targeted drugs. We have the expertise within our team to plan and execute studies according to the distinctive designs and treatment strategies that targeted hematology-oncology studies require

Why choose INC Research for your non-malignant hematology oncology clinical trials?

At INC Research, our dedicated non-malignant hematology oncology team, consisting of global experts spanning all levels of management and operation, can help your trials succeed. This niche area of clinical care often sees fierce competition for patients, complex trial designs and specific patient population challenges. Let our experienced team of non-malignant hematology specialists address these complexities to give you piece of mind.

We understand that clinical development of treatments for patients with non-malignant hematology conditions requires an unusually high level of expertise. That’s why our team places huge value on creating and maintaining longstanding site relationships – giving you unparalleled access to patient populations in an extensive range of major and rare hematological conditions. And because this team is part of a global CRO, they also benefit from the collective experience and operational capabilities of our wider organization.

“The devil is in the details” and non-malignant hematology is no exception, with its unique protocol designs and nuanced endpoints. At INC Research, we have established a dedicated team to ensure that this specific expertise and intimacy with sites and KOLs are translated into everyday operations.

Our specialist understanding is aligned to your trials

At INC Research, we believe that therapeutic alignment is the backbone of what we do – our entire organization is built on it. That means our non-malignant hematology experts act not only as subject matter experts and consultants but also provide staff training and medical expertise. Our non-malignant hematology team focuses solely on this therapeutic area and liaises closely with other specialists, including Key Opinion Leaders from across the globe.

So from the people on the ground to senior management, you’ll always be dealing with someone who really knows non-malignant hematology and understands your needs. It’s this deep knowledge and global experience that allows trusted delivery of studies, whatever the therapeutic focus.

We find the right patients for your study

We understand that recruiting patients living with hematologic conditions requires a unique skill set and a deep understanding of what motivates them.

At INC Research, we maintain a range of specialty population databases so that the patients your sites are enrolling exactly meet your inclusion/exclusion criteria. And we've created a metrics-based toolbox that helps us look at the broader recruitment picture.

Knowing which sites prefer to work with us in situations where competition for recruitment is fierce is one of the things that separates us from other CROs – we focus on working closely with sites, reviewing pre-randomized patient data and videos to ensure that only the right patients end up taking part in your studies. Being proactive allows the right recruitment and retention strategy – ultimately saving you time and money.

We have a long history of collaborating with the sites you need

We’ve always fostered exceptionally close working relationships with our investigative sites, which means that we know investigators and site staff well enough to make sure they’re following your protocol consistently.

By staying connected with sites and constantly updating our databases, we know precisely which sites are ready for your trials. Tailoring sites to your target indication ensures your protocols are implemented consistently everywhere.

The number of patients in non-malignant hematology is small, so we go bigger on communication and sharing of information - more than in any other area of medical research. Specifically through our Rare Disease Consortium, we foster collaborative relationships between investigative sites, treating physicians, patient advocacy groups, academic thought leaders, and Sponsors – creating the best patient experience while obtaining the most robust clinical data.

a This is an estimate of INC Research studies from the last five years that are completed or scheduled to complete for this therapy area.