Medical device and diagnostics research is a broad and an increasingly complex area. That’s why you need a CRO partner with an experienced and specialized team to ensure that studies on your products generate the evidence that will help it gain approval. At INC Research, we have a dedicated business group focusing solely in this area so you can benefit from their knowledge to guide you from concept to marketing.

Understanding the unique regulatory landscape in medical devices and diagnostics

In the process of bringing products from concept to marketing, there are requirements that are unique to medical devices and diagnostics. We understand the differences between drug and device development. Unlike drug development, we are dealing with ‘inventions’, which can be refined if there is evidence to support an improvement in design. We have performed over 400 studies in this area, with emphasis on user feedback, so we can help you make your product the best it can be.

We have the best people and work with the best sites

INC won the 11th Annual Scrip Awards in 2015 from among several leading global CROs by a distinguished panel of life science industry executives. Being named “Best CRO” is a true testament to INC’s hard work and dedication, and our ability to collaborate effectively with customers and sites worldwide in the development of ground-breaking new therapies that improve patient lives.

We invest heavily in fostering site relationships – it’s one of the reasons why we were also voted “Top CRO” amongst large global CROs in the Centerwatch 2015 Global Investigative Site Survey. Many of our CRAs and project managers are dedicated to specific sites and investigators, and have worked closely with them for over a decade, so they know which are the most suitable sites and investigators to ensure the best outcomes. 

Our unique Trusted Process® helps ensure the quality of your studies

No matter what the size of your company or study, our Trusted Process® is flexible and scalable to fit your needs. It’s the name we give to our project management methodology that has been proven to deliver dependable outcomes and actionable results, on time and on budget. We’ll work closely with you, providing the knowledge and strategies required to successfully develop your medical device.

Why choose us?

Our device and therapeutic expertise makes INC the CRO of choice for your device and diagnostic studies.


To find out more about how INC Research has the specialist knowledge to help your medical device studies generate the data you need, please download our factsheet.