The regulatory environment surrounding women’s health is changing, so it’s important you work with people who understand how this affects you. We have a dedicated Women’s Health Group who have spent years working on global trials across the diverse spectrum of women’s health indications. With a wealth of experience in understanding how different demographics respond to different channels, we know how to help you recruit and retain the right patients for the right trial. Our strong relationships with female investigators across the world means we’re able to offer you sites where women feel more comfortable. It’s little touches like this that mean your clinical trial runs a little smoother. And that means you get the results you need.

Our women’s health study experience includes: Contraceptives, OCP and Device; pregnancy registries; pre-term labor; infertility; endometrial safety; vasomotor symptoms; hormone replacement; postmenopausal osteoporosis; sexually transmitted diseases; urological disorders to include (OAB, UTI); post-operative pain following gynecologic surgery; breast, cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer; endometriosis; fibromyalgia and chronic pain; depression

Our work in practice


A major pharmaceutical company commissioned us to help conduct an oral contraceptive study incorporating 63 U.S. sites and 1,356 participants.


We provided a patient recruitment and retention strategy that was especially tailored to the target population.


We enrolled the first patient just 60 days after protocol approval. 33 on-site selection visits were completed in four weeks and 63 site initiation visits in 10 weeks. We completed site contracts, interactive voice response system set-up and regulatory document collection within 12 weeks. Enrollment was met one month earlier than the target date.


a This is an estimate of INC Research studies from the last five years that are completed or scheduled to complete for this therapy area.