Our dedicated CRAs and CMAs monitor studies worldwide. Each CRA focuses on a single therapy area, so that they have a deep knowledge of the patients, the investigative sites, and the specific challenges involved. All clinical monitoring team members receive on-going training to ensure they are completely up to date with current legislation, techniques and technologies. Supported by our innovative Global Clinical Operations Management (GCOM) and central monitoring groups, you can be confident our CRAs will take excellent care of your clinical monitoring.

Up to date with legislation

Thorough training and support are vital for CRAs at all levels. At INC Research, we provide essential training for our new CRAs via the CTI, to prepare them for the industry, and ongoing training to ensure they are always up-to-date with new techniques and technologies, and familiar with any changes in legislature.

Training from the CTI provides a strong foundation on which CRAs can build and develop their subject-specific knowledge. Over time, they build a strong rapport with staff at the relevant sites, and develop a deep understanding of the individual challenges sites face. 

Our Central Monitoring Group contributes to strong site relationships

Our central monitoring group provides services for over 92 investigative studies. The group supports sites and their patients, overseeing the running of studies and directing strategy throughout the clinical trial process. It acts as a bridge between the study start up team and the therapy area unit, playing a central role in developing and trialling new processes, and driving solutions around data-focussed monitoring.

By maintaining on-going contact with study sites, the central monitoring group assists in building relationships. This increases the efficiency of trials, and helps us understand any challenges faced by the site, so that we can predict any issues that may arise. The group is essential in getting new treatments to market faster, while protecting the wellbeing of patients.

Increasing efficiency, adding value

Effective data analysis improves processes, increasing efficiency and adding value. At INC, this service is provided by the GCOM group, which delivers enhanced quality and compliance metrics to identify areas for improvement, such as changes to SOPs, tools and systems, and training needs.

The GCOM also oversees the Global Resource Management (GRM) tool, which tracks staff assignments and allocations, providing direction around staffing needs. In addition, the GCOM represents the clinical perspective in corporate initiatives, such as strategic data monitoring and staff training.

Getting your product to market faster

Our initiatives are forward-thinking and proactive. Our CRAs are trained in the latest techniques, our central monitoring group provides strategic direction throughout the trial process, and our GCOM group delivers on-going metrics to improve processes. Because our monitoring and management teams focus on specific therapy areas, INC personnel have a deep knowledge of their specialisation, so you can benefit from our vast collective expertise.