Connecting you to the investigators, patients and places that will help your medicines secure marketing authorization

With hundreds or thousands of patients to recruit and retain across multiple countries, Phases II & III clinical trials can present the toughest challenges in the development of your medicines. We reach across six continents to bring you closer to everything you and your programs need to satisfy both regulatory authorities and payers.

We're dedicated to the success of your studies

We work hard for your medicines because we want them to reach the people who need them most. Here are a few of the methods we’ve developed to deliver your Phase II & III studies even more efficiently:
The INC Research pressure test 
For this, our multi-disciplined teams get together to review your development strategies from each of their operational, therapeutic and clinical perspectives. Doing this early on means you’re informed of any potential risks – and our suggestions on how to reduce those risks – well before you get going.
The INC Research patient eligibility check 
We incorporate a web-based electronic endpoint adjudication system into most Phase II and Phase III studies. This means we swiftly and easily rule out patients who won’t fit your criteria, and give your studies the best chance to collect the right data.
The INC Research way to monitor data 
We monitor data strategically. It helps us reduce your per-patient price, because we plan for and use the most appropriate mix of on-site and remote risk-based monitoring techniques to check your data capture is on target and your patients are as safe as possible.