Therapeutic depth

Our unique therapeutic depth gives your trials the best chance of success  

INC Research is built on therapeutic depth. We assemble teams where everyone from CRAs to senior management is an expert in the same therapeutic area. By structuring our teams this way, we deliver unique insights into the therapeutic environment, the competitive landscape, and the patient population.  

Everyone on your INC Research team speaks the same language which is one of the reasons why investigative sites voted us “Top CRO to work with” among top 10 global CROs in the 2017 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey.

Therapy areas

Our therapeutic depth ensures that your clinical trials are run by experts from top to bottom. Discover more about our specialist areas of therapeutic experience:

Cross functional solutions

Discover more about our cross functional solutions:

Operational excellence

Aligned for faster delivery and greater predictability 

Your clinical development needs are unique and we provide a fit for purpose solution specifically tailored to your requirements. We are driven by a passion for increasing efficiencies at every single stage of your clinical research program. It’s in our DNA to quickly adopt new methods and technologies in the clinical development process. We align process and technology so that you benefit from fast delivery and predictable outcomes.

Our Trusted Process® is a unique four-step approach that manages every aspect of your clinical trial and combines proprietary processes with operational expertise, the latest technology and therapeutic depth.

Flexible enough to customize trials from Phase I to Phase IV, The Trusted Process is a metrics-driven methodology that promotes data integrity. The results speak for themselves. Average study start-up time is four weeks faster than industry average.1 Patient enrolment completed as planned and database lock is one week faster than industry average, based on reported benchmarks from CMR International Institute for Regulatory Science.

Site relationships

Aligned for faster delivery and greater predictability 

Strong relationships with clinical research sites are a priority for INC Research. And our commitment to sites starts with our therapeutic depth at all levels of personnel, so that whenever we’re communicating with them we are always speaking their language. Because of this, our operations are closely aligned with the individual practices of a site.

This longstanding commitment has led us to being named “Top CRO to work with” among top 10 global CROs in the 2017 CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey. By harnessing insights from sites around the globe, our “Catalyst Community” supports ongoing communication on the conduct of clinical trials, wider adoption of new methodologies and the sharing of best practice. And as the first CRO to receive Clinical Operations Workforce Quality Accreditation, our forward-thinking approach is recognized by IAOCR, an independent, competence-based, accredited training organization within the clinical research sector. For more information, click here

INC Research culture - the Culture of Opportunityˢᵐ

Helping to develop the medicines people need is something we take personally

Our employees are attracted to, and retained by, the Culture of Opportunitysm that we pride ourselves on at INC Research. This, in turn, means our customers benefit from highly motivated partners and committed teams who care as much about your programs as you do. All of our employees understand your unique needs and tailor their approach and processes accordingly.

Global presence

We have the scalability and flexibility to work on any size project, in any part of the world

With 6,600 staff operating in over 110 countries across six continents worldwide, we work across the board with pharmaceutical and biotech companies both large and small, and our services are scalable to fit the size of your clinical trials, from Phase 1 through to Phase 4. At INC Research, we have strong relationships with, and access to, sites and patient groups all over the world, and our understanding of the nuances of local regulatory and ethical rules and regulations means we can think globally and act locally.

1 Based on reported benchmarks from CMR International Institute for Regulatory Science